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Psssst — hey, you. Yeah, you. The one discreetly clicking on this article at work while your boss sits inches away. We know your secret: You're itching to drop everything and book a one-way ticket across the world.

We're not judging. In fact, we support you. At Travel + Leisure, we talk to people all the time who ditched the 9-to-5 grind in favor of full-time globetrotting to get their tips and tricks for making it work.

From food and adventure-loving couples who cut ties with their home base after the wedding to record-breaking solo travelers and parents who believe in “world-schooling” their kids, we've rounded up some of the best advice we've received so you might finally be inspired to make your dream a reality.

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Source: published on 19 Apr, 2017 by Nina Ruggiero

Best Times of Year to Travel

best times to travel to save money

If you care about travel costs (who doesn't?), then take note:

According to Fare Compare, flights are at their most expensive prices from June 15 to Aug. 30 for domestic flights. Airlines begin raising fares on May 20, and then typically raise fares again on or around June 15.

If traveling overseas, your best bet may be to wait. For flights to Europe, prices increase beginning May 12, and drop on Aug. 21. For flights to Asia, prices increase on May 15, and continually drop during August.

If you must travel during peak season, try flying out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.


Are You Ready for This Latest, Mean-Spirited Airline Fee?

airline baggage fees

Airlines made nearly $30 billion last year. But they have more profit-pulling ideas up their sleeves. Like this.

As if you weren't getting gouged enough!

Airlines are now cool charging you separate baggage fees for connecting flights. For now (and we emphasize the implication there that such words as “for now” always eventually means “later”), they'll only charge such fees if you purchased separate tickets.

However, you can bet your hairy monkey ass that this will change.

I can imagine a time that every touch of your bags (sounds sexy, right?) will require a charge of some sort in the near future.

Scum-sucking pigs!

But, hey, we can fly any damn where we want. #FirstWorldProblems

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